Cactus - Center

Delicious food and cozy atmosphere are just the beginning of a good business lunch or just a snack in good company. The music is nice and quiet specially selected. With friends, colleagues or with your family - you are welcome to enjoy their leisure time and try mastery of our cuisine.

Cactus - Lozenec

Delicious food and cozy atmosphere - these are the two main elements of restaurants named "Cactus". You can try classic dishes from the Bulgarian and European cuisine. We chose to present "Cactus" because it is a brand that for years people associated with a permanent and enduring quality - both food and service.

Cactus - Sveti Vlas

Restaurant "Cactus" in Sveti Vlas is a fine place with great cuisine and stunning views over the bay of Sunny Beach. The location is ideal for informal lunches, summer dinners, gatherings with friends. Background music is subdued and pleasant.